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About Us

We are leading providers of all types of supplies required by the document destruction industry. We provide security shredding consoles, peel and seal sacks, lockable bins, polypropylene sacks, confidential waste sacks and many other items primarily used in the document shredding industry. We are totally independent of any shredding organisation unlike others!! Also our shredding console can be in any colour or wood finish to blend in with your office furniture and at no extra cost! We can supply fully assembled or flat packed. These units are very high quality and we supply pretty much all the UK document shredding industry some everyday some now and again! We also supply many other organisations that shred documents themselves such as the passport office, numerous Police Forces and hundreds of other businesses.


We supply ONLY excellent quality security shredding consoles, lockable bins or console sacks direct to you or your customer or to your operating centre/s. With our experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.  

All our consoles are UK manufactured and guaranteed for 5 years! 

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We started with just two employees, working out of a small room. We have over 20 employees,vans, machinery and lots more but our passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.


Available on request Our extensive experience in the document shredding and security shredding industry and our knowledge of how shredding consoles should be constructed both from a technical and practical point of view is unparallel. For example we know that end users WILL place often heavy items on top of these units for long periods of time that is the most common failure of cheap imported cabinets is that the weight for the these items has to be transferred to the side of the cabinets and not the top or they will collapse. Also 18mm is the correct thickness of the wood for shredding consoles not 12mm or 15mm as is often the case with imported wooden shredding consoles. 

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